Trial #1 results

I wanted to get the following information out to everyone as quickly as possible. We received the results from my scans and the news was not the best.  Our fears about my hip tumor were confirmed. It has grown a good bit from 12×17 cm to 14×25 cm.  The scans also showed slight growth in my lung tumors which are obviously more important. The good news is the largest tumor in my lungs is still under 2 cm and I am still without any symptoms of lung issues. We are exploring options and continuing to pray for the knowledge to make the right decision. Between chemo, radiation, and another phase 1 trial, we are are hoping that God guides us towards the best decision possible. As for now, we are on standby for the next three weeks for the wash-out period.

On a lighter note, we are pushing for the military to expedite my medical retirement so that Brittany and I can move back to Georgia to be closer to friends and family. Once again, I thank you all for the unfaltering love and support. I could not do it without you.


Trial #1 results

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