Aggressive Radiation


I hope this update finds everyone well! We have been in Georgia for about a month now so it’s time that we let everyone know what’s been going on. Once my oncologist got me on a treatment plan for the cancer as a whole, my radiation oncologist got with her team and put together an aggressive plan to attack this massive tumor in my hip. This type of treatment has had success in the past, especially with more aggressive sarcomas. The plan is to have high-powered radiation shot through the entire tumor five times per week. The tricky part of this plan is how to position my body. Unfortunately, they have to lye my on my stomach on a metal table to gain access to the proper angles. The objectives of this treatment are simple. 1 – control the pain. 2 – stop the growth. And 3 – kill the tumor. The first week was very painful but I managed to power through and make it to that first weekend of rest. Today I finished treatment number 13 of 25, which puts me past the halfway mark. The results thus far have been amazing. My pain level has dropped so far that I have stopped all spike pain medication. At one point I was taking these medications nearly twelve times per day. The size of the tumor itself has not changed which we hope that this means that it is not growing. While most of the results were good, we did run into some difficulties.

I found myself in the ER one night due to major swelling down my left leg. We had to make sure the swelling was not due to a blood clot, which was quickly ruled out. The Drs think it is either the cancer becoming angry, my lymphatic system not being able to handle the treatment, or that the tumor cells are dying. In any case, I have a good amount of fluid through out my left leg and abdomen. Honestly, the biggest issue is discomfort. The fluid did not bring any more pain, which I am thankful for! The most frustrating part is that just before the fluid began, I was walking on my own again.

We are closing on a house in Summergrove down in Newnan, Georgia on the 29th of this month and could not be more excited. We have been so blessed to be able to borrow a friend’s condo free of charge during the treatments but it just doesn’t quite feel like home. Again, the amount of help and support I have received from my family and friends has been overwhelming. Even my doctors and nurses have begun to ask how Brittany and I stay so positive and we quickly reply it is all because of you guys. Our support system is truly astonishing and I am forever indebted to each one of you.

The hope is that after my 25th radiation treatment, we can do scans and see how the tumor has reacted in my hip. We should be completing a CT scan in the next week or two to check on the lung nodules. I will keep everyone updated as we settle in to our new home and our new lives. Our faith and my body grow stronger each day and this awful disease will be gone soon enough.

I need to give a shout out to our Colorado family. Britt had to fly back by herself and get all of our stuff all packed up and moved here (including two jeeps, my motorcycle and two lonely pups). We could NOT have done it without ya’lls help. Also, the endless cards, meals, and love do not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Ya’ll are the reason I am still fighting.

I love you all – Cars



Aggressive Radiation