My timeline doesn’t always match his…

Things down south have been amazing. I have been spending a good bit of time with my little brother (I say ‘little’ but he’s grown and more of a man than I could ever be) and his family as well as my amazing friends.  Brittany and I are slowly getting settled into our home and it is finally feeling like it is truly ‘our home’.  The radiation treatment was such a huge blessing. I was able to complete 25 rounds of aggressive treatment in 30 days. The pain seemed to finally be under control and I was able to live life again.  I was even able to fish and hit the gym a couple of times per week to stay active and try to gain some weight. I was also able to take a road trip to Tampa with my boys for my bachelor party, and a quick vacation to Hilton Head Island to get Brittany on the beach!

Unfortunately, all of the good times came to an abrupt stop this week.  I felt a new pain in my hip that was sharp and more intense than normal.  After a couple of days, I finally had the doctor take an X-ray to see if what I had been feeling was something more serious. Our fears were confirmed this afternoon when I met with my oncologist.  I have a pathologic fracture in my femur just below where the spike from my hip replacement was placed. Basically, the tumor has become so enlarged and the diseased bone has become too weak to support my attempt at walking with a cane which lead to the break.  My oncologist has given us two options: 1) live on crutches or in a wheel chair and see how long I can handle the pain before moving forward with the amputation OR 2) move forward with the amputation as soon as possible which will allow me to heal as much as I can before the wedding in August.  Brittany and I have been praying very hard about the right decision and, after speaking with my Orthopedic Oncologist…. I have decided to move forward with the amputation.

As of right now, I am scheduled for a hemipelvectomy (full amputation of my left leg that includes a portion of my pelvis) on Monday June 20th.  We are meeting with the Orthopedic Oncologist, who will be performing the surgery, this Thursday to finalize the plan.  This surgery will obviously mean that I have an intense and long recovery ahead of me.  It starts with a couple of days in the ICU followed by about a week in the hospital.  It feels as overwhelming and daunting to me, as I’m sure it feels for all of you to read. However… THIS WILL NOT BREAK ME!  I can promise you that this will only make me stronger! If there is one thing that I have learned through all of this is that this fight belongs to the Lord.

I must continue to boast about the greatest support system in the world, ALL OF YOU! You all have been absolutely amazing and I cannot thank you enough. It is the biggest blessing the Lord has graced me with (outside of Momma Bird).

I love you all and thank you so much for your support and prayers!


My timeline doesn’t always match his…

11 thoughts on “My timeline doesn’t always match his…

  1. Buzz kennedy says:

    Damn son I don’t how you stay so strong and positive. Thank god for Brittany and your WHOLE support system. God speed with this surgery on Monday and a quick recovery/rehab. Get your ass ready for the nuptials and back catching bass!!


  2. Ant Sue says:

    You’ve got this Bud. Not nothin gonna get you down for long. We’ll work out a game plan to deal with this. The Lord’s on your side and wants your highest good. Lean on Him.


  3. Bridgey says:

    My prayers are with you and your family! It’s so inspiring to read how positive you are and not letting this awful thing get you down!


  4. Tommy Madrid says:

    I am at a loss for words! So unfair! However, YOU CAN DO IT! You are in our thoughts daily! From the Left Coast we love you dearly!


  5. Kwame Metzger says:

    Carson.. It’s been a long time man. My little sister put me on to your battle and I wanted to reach out to show some love. Keep staying strong bro and remember that challenges only come to those who can bear the weight. You were and always will be one of the best and strongest. Everything you are going through is a test and you will overcome this and all else that life has. From the good to the bad you will overcome.
    Because of the fact that you can.
    Because you were made strong.
    Because you are meant to continue.
    Because you are meant to do more.
    Because you inspire us all.
    Because you love and are loved.
    Because you are needed.

    F*#k anything that wants to stop you and defeat it! Just because you can!


  6. Marcia Jenks says:

    Sending prayers for you, Brittany, family, friends and the professionals providing for your care. You are a true inspiration. God bless you Carson.


  7. Wendy Childs Parker says:

    Carson, I know you are stronger than most of us that read this…,especially us moms. Prayers from the gut, the heart and the soul for your continued strength and recovery. Ms Wendy xxoo


  8. Christie Roth says:

    Carson, I just read of your upcoming surgery. You bring meaning and truth to the scripture that assures us that the Lord will provide us the strength to walk through trials. I have had you on our church prayer chain for months and will update the prayer warriors of your upcoming surgery and rehabilitation. Please know how sad my heart is that your are having to go through this. Your beautiful Brittany is the perfect soul mate for you and it is obvious how strong she is also. I will continue to pray for you and your family during this time.

    As I have told you before, you are such an inspiration to me and so many. May God give you peace, comfort and patience in the days ahead.
    Dear Jesus, I lift Carson up in prayer to You. Be with the medical staff, his loved ones and all involved in his recovery. Lord, You are our Great and Mighty Physician, and through You all things are possible. We give You all the glory in all we do and have. Lord I humbly come before you asking for Your will to be done in Carson’s life. Grant him a successful surgery that will heal his body and in his life he will continue to praise You for all the blessings.
    It is in Jesus’ precious name I pray, Amen


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