Our Last Move

From the bottom of my heart I wish that I had better news, but the good Lord’s plans are far different from our own. A couple of weeks ago I was having a really hard time breathing, my color was off, and something definitely did not feel right. My wife was smart enough to contact my oncologist to ask her opinion and if emergency care was needed. Her advice was very clear, get to the ER as soon as possible. Britt and I jumped in the truck and headed up to Northside Hospital in Atlanta where my oncologist could administer care once I was admitted. We had gone in thinking that I had a serious respiratory infection or at worst, pneumonia. After the standard blood work and testing nonsense, they did a CT scan of my chest to get a good look at my lungs. Unfortunately, the ER doctors gave us some bad news that was further confirmed by my oncologist the next morning.

Although we may have been confident in the medications, the cancer in my lungs has continued to progress over the last eight weeks. One of the ER doctors even mentioned that I am down to only having 20% of my overall lung capacity. My oncologist is usually always optimistic and in a great mood but on the morning that she delivered this news, it was quite the opposite. It was with great heartache that she told us that there aren’t any other treatment options available and all that she could offer was to make me comfortable for the time that I have left. We, of course, asked what kind of timeline we are looking at and she said most people would be weeks but with the way my body fights back, it could be a couple of months. She then suggested that I start oxygen intake immediately.

After a long discussion and prayer, Britt and I decided that we are taking a final vacation to Michigan to be with my family. We will be here until my time comes to leave this earth. We packed up the pups in the Jeep, which Hunter drove while Brittany and I took the truck and made the drive in one night. We spent that night with the Moffett’s in Chicago who were such amazing and, as always, gracious hosts. Then we finished the journey with a three-hour drive over to Michigan. We are posted up at my Grandmother’s old condo that is very nice and comfortable.

Our plan is simple; I will continue to do blood transfusions weekly until they don’t seem to help anymore. That will be my sign that my body is shutting down. At that point we will start hospice care and they will handle home care from there. We have been in contact with my family and I plan on allowing them to visit whenever they can.

This journey has been trying, but it has also taught me so very much. It’s made me appreciate my life. It’s made me appreciate the relationships. It’s made me care about the people that stood next to me instead of the things that I have accomplished. Most of all, it has taught me that God’s plan is perfect. I am somehow at peace because I know I will leave every relationship saying everything that needs to be said and forgiving any wrong doings. I hold zero grudges, no resentment, and finally no regrets. This life has lead me down a crazy, fun, intense, and amazing rollercoaster but it has ultimately lead me to her. The one person I was waiting for. The one woman I was looking for….Brittany Jean Bird.

I lied about one thing up there, I am proud of one accomplishment, it has been my greatest accomplishment…it is the love that Britt and I have found.

I have reserved the rest of the time that I have left on this earth for my family. Please respect my precious time by only contacting us through Facebook messenger if absolutely needed. I am forever grateful for ya’lls support. Please don’t feel sorry for me, please think of me and smile, knowing I am surrounded by loved ones, and I am happy.

Truly all my best – Carson Grady Bird

Our Last Move