Crossing Dixie

I figured it was time to update everyone again. It has been a couple of weeks since my last update and a lot has changed in those couple of weeks! I guess the biggest change that I need to announce is my move to Georgia! Brittany and I took the news of the first trial in Denver not working as a sign that we needed to be a little more proactive about my treatment. After a long discussion with my oncologist in Denver, we were reffered to an oncologist in North Atlanta. Since I was planning on moving back to Georgia upon my retirement anyway (which should be in June and has me starting terminal leave this month) the shift in states just made sense.

My new doctor is much more aggressive, plus she has plenty of options beyond phase one trials. Within days of us flying to Atlanta, she had me on my newest treatment and had a backup treatment ordered in the event that this treatment proves ineffective.  Additionally, she made my pain management a huge priority which has changed my day to day life so much.  I could not be more happy with her attitude and the way that she has handled my situation.  I am meeting with a radiation doctor as well as another orthopedic oncologist to explore more options to treat the pain and growth in my hip as the tumor continues to grow.

Brittany and I were in quite a pickle with our arrival to Atlanta as we did not have a vehicle or a place to stay. We reached out to some friends of ours who have been more than accomidating.  The Shepherds have not only opened their home to us, but their hearts as well.  They have taught us the power of trusting in the Lord. We cannot thank them enough for everything that they have done.

So what’s next!? The doctor has suggested that I avoid flying due to possible blood clots which means that I am in Georgia for the forseeable future.  This also means that we are scrambling to find a house to live in.  We are putting our house in Colorado Springs on the market at the beginning of April and have already begun looking for a house here in Georgia.  Needless to say it’s been a hectic and crazy and stressful couple of weeks.  It’s also been extremely eye opening to the amount of love and support that you all have provided.  We are very optimistic about the future and feel confident about our new doctors.

Thank you all again for the love and support through this past year.  I am back where I can spend time with my brother and his family, my father, and some more amazing friends. I AM HOME! I love you all!

I may have cancer, but cancer does NOT have me! (Thanks to miss Carol Shepherd for that insight)


Crossing Dixie

3 thoughts on “Crossing Dixie

  1. Charliss Rodgers says:

    You are so right… You have cancer, but cancer doesn’t have you! Stay positive!!!!

    I’ve been in your shoes!! Just makes you appreciate every day! God is good!


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